"Tea with the Devil"

A tea chest with an Appalachian style poem by the artist.

There was an old woman stern, pious, and mean
She lived all alone in the house by the stream
No one came round for fear of a scoldin
She was most unkind from a grudge she'd been holdin

Well she cried and mourned, and grew so lonely
She could take no more and asked the Devil to tea
And I swear by my soul may the Devil take me
By the afternoons end he had her up on his knee

Well they danced and they laughed they shared a cup
They sang and they swayed couldn't get enough
They giggled and they talked till the sun came up
Then the Devil bowed low and was gone with a puff

If you're ever by the creek on a full moon night
And hear a wild fiddle you're in for a sight
They dance through the forest in the silver night air
They dance and they sway and she lets down her hair

Yes they dance and they play in a devilish way
And I swear by my soul or with it I will pay
You can steel a glance if you move with grace
But there's no sad old woman she's had a change of face