Each piece of Leslie Rowland's art furniture is a one of a kind. The works are all themed. These themes are brought to life by the combination of the furniture chosen, the painting on the furniture, and the words painstakingly wrought into each piece.

The furniture itself is typically antique or old furniture with character. Leslie spends countless hours scouring antique shops and estate sales for the right pieces. The furniture, once claimed, is sanded, repaired, primed, and prepared for paint.

The painting itself reflects the theme of the piece. Colors, symbols, illustrations, and patterns that relate to the theme are worked into the furniture using a combination of acrylic, oils, glazing, decoupage, and resin relief.

The words are the most unique aspect of Leslie's work. They tell the story of each individual work of art. Many of her pieces are celebrations of the lives of historical figures such as Einstein, comedic icons such as W.C. Fields, or fem fatales such as Mae West. Quotes by and about the subject are worked into the furniture. Some works take on lofty subjects in the vein of choosing your path, original sin, and learning to walk with grace. These subjects are explored through the words of the great philosophers, artists, scientists, and scholars from throughout human history. Some of the pieces have the artists own poetry worked into them.

These works are one of a kind and possess that intangible quality that gives art its pulse and its breath.