Leslie Rowland

Leslie Rowland is a celebrated artist living in Las Vegas Nevada. Miss Rowland has been featured on public television and in numerous Las Vegas and national art shows. She has had multiple one-woman shows, has been chosen as pick of the week in both the Las Vegas City Life Magazine and the Las Vegas Weekly on multiple occasions. She has been featured in numerous articles in the Las Vegas Weekly, Las Vegas City Life, Mercury Magazine, the Las Vegas Review Journal, and House Trends Magazine. She has had full-length articles in "Southern Nevada Home and Garden," "944 Magazine," and "Around Your Home Magazine." In addition, Ms. Rowland will be the featured artist in the Oct. / Nov. '07 issue of the award winning "Home Design Magazine."

Leslie began painting out of sheer desire when she was a college student. She furnished her first homes by scouring junk shops and estate sales for gems in the rough. She unleashed her imagination refinishing furniture pieces with random house paints and everything else she could get her hands on. An obsession was born. She spent much of the next 18 years experimenting madly. What emerged was a very distinct style. The obsession lives on. Her works have evolved over the years, into something extravagant. Her abstract canvases boast mediums never seen before and she manages to turn vintage furniture into fine art.

What has impacted Ms. Rowland's painting the most, are the years she spent traveling in the third world. She was deeply moved by the shrines and temples of India and Thailand. She traveled extensively in Nepal, where the textures, hues, and powerful symbolism she saw in the Buddhist monasteries of the Himalayas made a monumental impact on her style. She also spent a great deal of time in South and Central America where again she was intensely inspired by the textures, symbolism, and vivid colors of the endemic cultures.

Leslie has spent a great deal of time in the wilderness and has an immense love for the natural world. This too is reflected in her work. Having lived in Florida, Washington, Hawaii, California, and now 11 years in Nevada, she has derived inspiration from a great variety of environments. This connection with nature is made evident in her organic style and intense textures.

This artist, above all, has a passion for humor, poetry, and an appreciation for the insights of the enlightened. Her abstract paintings seem to elevate the viewer to another realm. She weaves words into her furniture, creating a sometimes funny, sometimes mystical, and often unlikely union. Quotes, her own poetry, colors, symbols, patterns, photos, paintings, and even hidden messages are braided into cohesive and moving works of art. Her passion for her work and for the world around her is what gives her pieces their strength. Each piece is a one of a kind.